Saturday, January 26, 2019

Something to ponder

Well I finally have a little time and energy to post a little something here.
I've had one question that has been rolling around in my head for some time.
"How does someone supervise over jobs they have never done?"
I always thought a supervisor was someone who had experience doing a job and that they could help someone else do the job if they needed help or advice.
You know someone who started at the bottom and worked their way up.
Someone who was able to do they job so well they could help someone honestly and productively. 
But now a days, people are hired from someplace else with no real experience doing that job. They have a degree that says they know how to be a boss. But they have no idea about the actual details of the job they are supervising over.

Image result for supervisor humour
It's sad.
They then try their best to get rid of the most experience so eventually they think they look smart to new people. Eventually the product quality will suffer. 

I have asked a number of people this question and they all like the question. Of course they are all common workers like me. I propose that others ask this question to whoever they think can answer  it honestly, without hesitation.

Here are a few jokes from a 1940's joke book:

Political Speaker:"All we need do, my friends is to keep a working majority."
Voice from the rear:: "You're wrong there. What this country needs is a majority working."

Salesman: Wouldn't you like to be your own boss?
Steno: No, what fun would it be for me to kiss myself?

Old lady: Are you a little boy or a little girl?
Child: What the heck else would I be?

Next time I'll share a few jokes form another joke book from 1956 called "Bedtime Laughs".

That's all I have to share with you today.
Remember: Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Welcome 2019!!!

Image result for happy new year 2019

Well, it's the start of a New Year!
I know I've been very slack on posting for most of last year. Heck lets face it, for a long time now.
I'm not one who makes New Years resolutions. I don't plan on starting now.
I will make more attempts to post more often, maybe.
I'm still debating with myself what I should focus on.
I could post about political things that are always in the news. But let's face it, don't we get enough of that thrown in our faces at every turn? 
All right I will admit I will still do that from time to time. When I really need to vent about some stupid selfish things that some political persons has done or said to set me off.
But I will try to limit those posts.

Maybe I'll post more boring things about my day to day life. Just so you can see how boring and uneventful my life really is.
Things like a calf that was born on December 5th. I want to call her Tiny.
She maybe weighed 45 pounds when she was born. Being winter we had gotten a blanket for her. It was kind of big on her at that time. But now the husband thinks she has more then doubled her size and now the blanket is a perfect fit. She is a very spunky little thing. When the husband calls "Baby" she comes running. So I think her name will end up being "Tiny Baby" But more Baby then Tiny if you get my drift.

I could try to post about the cat that has moved in with my turkeys.
He's black with a couple of white spots on his feet. No idea where he came from. I call him Cry Baby. Because when he first started showing up he would cry very loudly. I don't have any pictures of him hanging with the turkeys right now. Because whenever he sees me he comes running to me. But when I'm able to get a picture I will share it with you.

Another thing I will share with you are pictures from our continuing hiking adventures on the Ice Age trail. But since we are getting further away our hiking adventures are also further apart.

I should also have been posting pictures of all the plastic canvas projects I've done this last year. But a number of them were given away as gifts. Sorry. But I'm still working on the book of patterns.

As for other things I could post. 
I want to just to continue to ponder all kinds of things.
Sometimes they could be serious.
Image result for serious

Sometimes silly. 
Image result for silly

Or maybe I'll just confuse you.
Image result for confused

I've decided anything is possible.
I may even throw in a few things I've shared on my other blog "Dear Howard: A Fading History".
It all depends on the mood I'm in at the time I have time to post.

So, here's hoping for a very interesting year, in good ways.

Till next time.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Beyond the point of no return?

Image result for beyond the point of no return

The human race is broken.

Every great empire and civilization eventually comes to an end.

So many people live their lives playing games with each other.

Like the blame game.

Or head games.

Trying to out bully each other. But then saying bullying is bad.
If bullying is to end, shouldn't our leaders set that example?
Instead of standing in front of a large crowd calling someone a very middle school kind of nick name.

Human trafficking. How in this day and age is this still going on?

Blowing something or someone up to make a point. And if they blow themselves up they will never be around to brag about it. They will be dealing with a whole different scene afterwards.
Speaking of blowing things up. All of these bombs that were sent to people connected to the Democratic Party in one way of another. I do wonder who is really behind them. Is it someone motivated by something our leader said? If that's the case, if someone does die from one of these kind of devises, some innocent person, I believe the blood of this person will be forever on the hands of the President. Every time he looks at his hands he will see the blood of the innocent.
Maybe that's way he looks orange. From trying to rub the blood off that's already on his hands.
Interesting picture I've painted, isn't it?
The man they are suspecting of sending the bombs is just the kind of person I thought he would be. How many more people are being influenced to do these kinds of acts?
In my opinion both major parties are equally responsible for all the divisions that are happening. Be it political. Racial. Religion. Economical. Or your sex.
Maybe greed and ego are behind most of this stuff.

 I'm still trying to figure out what is motivating so many people at once to try to come to this country. Who is telling them things will be better here?
This is just proof the whole world is super messed up.
No one country has the solution to happiness and security.

Looking at all the messes going on everywhere, I believe we are in WWIII. It's a different kind of war but the result will be the same for all, or worse it will never end till we are no more.      
Well, that's my pondering's for now.
So till next time.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.                                       

Monday, August 20, 2018


My pondering questions:
If the truth is not the truth, then what is true? Is it the truth of one or the truth of many? And which truth is the truest true of the truth?

I know it's been a while since I posted. I now have more time to post here so I might be here more often.
It you want to know what I've been up to here is a cliff note version:
We hiked a few times. Here are a few pictures from those hikes:

We are done with the Chippewa Moraine Segment.
Our hikes are not as long as last year because of the husbands ankle, the weather from time to time and our jobs. I'm not sure how much more we will be hiking this year. I do recommend hiking different trails when ever you get the chance. You never know what you'll see.

I did do a plastic canvas project. This is something my son-in-law thought would be interesting to have. I offered to try and make one. Here it is:

 He wants to put it in their bathroom. 
If you don't know where it is from, it's from one of the first computer games. This one is called "The Oregon Trail". Not sure if it is still around. I plan on giving it to him this weekend because his birthday is this week. 
I do have another project started. Not sure when I will get it done.

I did start  a notebook about daily things happening that caught my attention. As you can tell, one of them is the recent comment by the presidents lawyer.
Maybe next time I'll write a post based on notes from the book.
I would write more but I've got things to do.
So maybe next time I'll show you a weeks worth of thoughts.
So remember to keep on pondering the pondering possibilities. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 2018

It's July 1st, Sunday morning. The house is quiet. The husband is still sleeping. The sun will shine a bit today. It did rain last night after a couple of days of temps in the 90's. Which was too hot for me. 
I was on vacation this last week. We went hiking a couple of times.
I guess I'll show you a few of pictures from those hikes.

Along the trail from time to time are benches. Some have dedications on them, some don't.
 Not sure what this shack was for. Maybe it was an outhouse, or a hunting shack or someone suggested a North woods Tardis. What do you think?
 This is a map of the trail we have been following going East. 
We had been going west but the husband needed to be closer because he was baling hay. 
Not sure where we will hike the next time. We might continue going East or maybe taking the trail West. It all depends on the mood and the weather.
That's about all I did this last week.

July, for me is going to be starting out not the way I want it to.
For one thing tomorrow, Monday morning, I have to start work 2 hours earlier. Which means I have to get up 2 hours earlier. Which is for me about 2:10 am. That sucks to the max. The hardest part when this happens is trying to get to sleep tonight. You worry about so much. Like, do I have the alarm set? Will I be able to fall asleep? Why am I not falling asleep?  I can't fall asleep when it is still so light outside. My brain will not shut off. I'll try to tell myself to relax but my brain wants to go a hundred miles an hour about everything.
That's just trying to fall asleep.
Once up I have to try and not focus on the clock to much. If I look at the time too much it will sink in how early it is. Just another reason why Mondays can suck. With my luck they will do it again next Monday too. The part that always makes me shake my head is, when they do start early half the lines won't run right for those early two hours, so in my book nothing is really gained. But I don't run the place, I'm just a lowly worker.
I will live through it, I hope.

I suppose I should ponder somethings.
I came up with some good pondering thoughts while I was hiking. But once home, they flew out of my head. 
So let me think right now......
The world is a mess, everywhere.
Not many are happy with the way things are going.
Choices we made years ago are making bigger messes today.
Choices we are making today are messing up our future in ways that will be even harder to fix as time goes by.
Will the next generation be able to see things beyond their hands?
Is there something that happened in your past that you wish you would have chosen differently, that could have lead you down a different path in life?
Is it really too late to fix things?
Why do so many have the need to end someone else's life because they didn't get their way?
What is this need in so many to control another person against their will?
 Will we ever start to see the signs Mother nature is giving us and show her the respect she deserves?

Well, that's all I can think of right now.
I keep saying I will carry a notebook with me at all times to write little notes to remind me of things I want to say. Maybe this is the month I will start.
So for now I will say:
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities. 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Hiking and Pondering things.

I know I really missed the first of the month. I could have written something a number of times. But when the thoughts came to me I was no where near a computer.
First off I will say we have been hiking. So far we have done four hikes.
Here are a few pics from those hikes:

 Picture of the Chippewa River. Taken during the first hike.
 This nest was right next to the trail. The mama was very near by.

Three of the four hikes were over by Cornell area. The last picture was taken during our shortest hike going east of here. We officially finished Taylor county. When we go east again we will be starting in Lincoln county.  
So that is one thing we have been doing lately. Only weather permitting of course. 

One other thing is we have celebrated our granddaughters first birthday.
 They made her, her own smash cake. She got a bath right away after that.

Other wise the rest of my days have been the same old same old boring days.
Except this week I had to deal with two times where the electricity went out.
The first time was on Wednesday morning as I was just getting my breakfast going. I had just started the water on the stove for my tea and oatmeal and put the bread in the toaster when the lights went out. I had to wake the husband up because he the oldest daughter were planning to go to a ball game and he wanted to get up early. His alarm was set. I wasn't sure how long the lights would be off so I woke him up. My breakfast was luke warm. And no toast. I was able to brush my teeth and put my make-up on by candle light. The husband said the lights came back on about 6 o'clock. There must have been a tree down on the line somewhere. Not sure where. It was not storming at the time the lights went out but it had earlier.
The second time I had to go though the lack of power was at work on Friday. It was storming a bit at the time. A pole close to the plant went down just after 7 o'clock. it made for a very long day. We were able to sit in the break room and watch them work on it. Some people were able to go home, I was not one of them. The power came back on around 1 o'clock. Believe me my butt was sore from sitting on those very uncomfortable stools attacked to the tables.  
So that has been my latest excitement. I wonder what the rest of this month will bring.

I suppose I should do a little pondering.
One thing I've been asking people lately is, "How do you supervise over a job you've never done?"
I think about all these people that go to school to be able to get jobs that pay more. They get in a position that supervises over people doing a job they've never done. How does this help a company do a better job when the leadership does not know what it is really like to do something from the bottom? 
If you don't experience a job with your own hands how can you honestly tell someone else how to do it?
Just think about it.

Another thing I've been trying to do is limit the time I spend watching the news.
I am so tired of hearing how super messed up everyone and everything  is.
Take President Dweeb for one.
He thinks he can get everyone to bend to his deluded sense of reality. 
The only thing he is doing is making the world a more unstable place for everyone.
I know everything was already a mess before he got into office. But he is making it worse everyday. 
Why is he so insistent on having that stupid wall? He is willing to separate families till he gets his way. If that is not the sign of a very evil person, I'd like to know what is.
He seams to making all kinds of things happen without the consent of anyone else. I thought more then one person decided these kind of things.
I really think he sees himself as some kind of king and we are all his peasants he rules over.
I still see him being taken out of the White House in handcuffs someday for betraying the American people.

As for all the talk about guns, it's a hard subject.
People do have the right to protect themselves. But that does not mean going out and gunning people down.
I still think young people would not be turning to guns as much as they are if there were no violent video games and if Hollywood do not focus so much on extreme violent shows.
But it kinds of like once you let the genie out of the bottle there is not putting it back.
Or maybe it's opening Pandora's box. It's been opened so there is not way to close it.

Well that's all I have to say today.
Till next time.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Just Pondering, Again

I know you were expecting me to post on the first. Well, the only excuse I can give you is....I was not in the mood. I think my posts here are going to be a lot more random. I will say within a couple of months I will be done with the letters on Dear Howard, A Fading History. 
I might start spending more time here pondering things. Time will tell.
As for other things going on in my life.
I have not been able to start my hiking adventure yet this year. The husband is still not able to. And he doesn't want me out in the woods by myself. I'm still hoping maybe next weekend we might be able to give a short hike a try or at least take walks down the road.
I've tried to tell him he could drop me off at one spot and pick me up at the other end but he is not going for it. He enjoys these hikes to and wants to see what I see at the same time. 
Well enough about hiking.
I do have a couple of pondering things to bring up.

One question I've been asking people lately is,
 "How do you supervise over a job you have never done?"
Say you have been doing a job for a long time and some new person, who has never done what you are doing is hired to tell you what to do. They tell you what should be done but have no clue how it is done. Tempers fly, you are made to feel like you are in the wrong. You do it their way and it fails. But they keep insisting to what they say. It fails again. 
Maybe people should step back and have them show you how it should be done.
Nine times out of ten they will refuse because they know they really can't do it. They are the boss. Bosses don't do the work they just tell others to do it.
That's why so many things are so messed up everywhere. People who start at the top have no idea how things are really done. They just have to be right.
I watched some Dr. Phil the other day. I usually don't. Anyway I was kind of paying attention but just watching it  was hard for me to believe this girl is real. The girl is 15 lives in Beverly Hills. She was upset that her mother was cutting her monthly allowance from 5 thousand down to 1 thousand. She could not live on that. 
Looking at the mother and the daughter was hard for to believe they are real. The girl says she needs to maintain the lifestyle she is use to. 
I guess I come from a world where entitlement is not apart of it. 
It was a mess to watch. Dr. Phil says she should get a job.She only wants a job where she can start at the top. That's what is wrong with so many places. They hire top people with this same entitlement attitude to tell the real people with the real knowledge what to do. They think if it looks good on paper and works on a computer simulation to has to work. 
What will it take for the top to see that knowledge and experience is what makes things run so much better?
That is my main ponder for the day.

Here is what else I know about today:
Image result for naked gardening day

 Image result for naked gardening day
I do collect gnomes. 
Maybe someday I will find this little guy and add him to my collection.

I did ask some people yesterday if they were going to to participate. 
They all said no.
My sister said she didn't want to get bit by mosquitoes.
One person didn't want to get sun burned.
I know you are asking if I will be participating.
I have not decided yet. Maybe I'll just water my house plants in the nude. I do have a few very nosy neighbors.

Well that's all I have to ponder today.
All I can say now is:
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.