Pondering Vaping

First off I do not smoke nor do I vape. Never have, never will. I have a problem with just being around these kind of things. Now the reason I'm pondering this today is I thought I would give my opinion about why so many are getting so sick from vaping. You are inhaling moisture very quickly into your lungs. Each teeny tiny droplet is carrying all the chemicals that are in the vaping cartridge. Plus if the pen or whatever they call it, is not kept clean all the germs in it will grow into something even worse. So every time you puff you are adding the most dangerous mist possible into your lungs. The more you vape, the faster it will build up. The faster the health problems will begin. The best way is to never start smoking anything no matter how you do it. It is not cool.  If you want to be surrounded by steam go sit in a steam room. You can chill out, relax and do a little detoxing using good clean steam.  
Well, that's all I have to say today. I hope everyone in the US have…

Pondering events in history on August 25th

I was trying to figure out what to write this time. So I chose things that happened on this date in history.
These are only a few of things I found that caught my eye.
1910: Yellow cab is founded.

Pondering Nothing

There were a number of things I could have written about that have been on my mind this week.
 Like people not knowing or understanding the consequences of their actions. (President Dweeb)
The weather.
Someone being hidden off the Ice Age Trail for three years and no one noticing. ( I am hiking the same trail. But have not reached that part. So don't blame me for not noticing.)
But this morning as I was trying to think about what to write I finally decided to write about:

Do you know there is a lot of nothing out there.
Nothing to say. Nothing to do. I wise man once said nothing. Nothing to see here. Just nothing. They got nothing on you. There is nothing like doing nothing. Nothing on you. Everything is nothing with a twist. I'm nothing. The queen of nothing. Feel nothing. Nothing lasts forever. Be nothing. Nothing is under control. Absolutely nothing. Stop at nothing. Nothing up.  Nothing down. Nothing I can do. Nothing changes. The nothing. The fear of nothing. Nothing funn…

Pondering signs

I'm going to try and post something on the weekends. At least that is the plan right now. But I know from time to time, life will get in the way.

Yesterday at work for some reason this idea popped into my head: