Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 2017

Happy April Fools Day to everyone!
It's almost hard to believe that another month has gone by. Is it just me or is this year just flying by?
My month was not to bad, for me personally that is.
Let me think what to say....
I can show you the neighborhood peeping tom:

This guy has been peeping in a number of different peoples basement windows this past month. I think it was part of their daily path. Morning and night, for awhile him and two other toms would come around. One would stop at the window and start banging on it. He sees his reflection and thinks it's another tom. He has put a number of holes in the screen. Dumb bird. I do have a female turkey in a pen in the back yard. You would think he would be over there trying to impress her. They just kind of look at her at move on.

I do have one other animal story to tell you, but no pictures.
I was sitting on the couch one afternoon after work just chilling, when I looked out the window and noticed a bird flying around. It was an eagle. A starting watching it soar around in a circle kind of pattern. Then I noticed a second bird, another eagle.Now I usually only see one eagle at a time. Two are rare. Then after a minute I noticed a third eagle and then a fourth. They were starting to get higher and higher. I think they were having a rumble in the sky. I watched for a few more minutes until the phone rang.
I wonder if they were fighting over territory. I guess it will be another mystery that I will never solve.

I haven't been working on the next project, sorry. Maybe next time.

As for the swing, nothing much has changed. No snow on the ground, so nothing to see.

I suppose I ponder a little right now.
This is something I was thinking about this week.
Watching the news and some of things going on I was beginning to wonder if this idea could be a possibility.
Russian people are starting to protest the corruption in their countries, much like they are protesting things in the US. That is thought number one.
Thought number two: I've seen the movies, "Pirates of the Caribbean", and "Avatar". In both of these movies there is a line, "It's only good business."
Thought number three: A guy I work with has said that war is good for the economy.
Thought number four: Are Putin and President Dweeb( a big business man) trying to start a war so that certain businesses can profit more? 
Human lives be damned. It's all about their bottom line.
I do believe we are already in a world war. Every country is having problems of some sort or another.
Some people want to take full advantage of others instability just for a profit for them and their friends.
Just something to think about.

One thing that did happen locally that made the news, was man killed four people on a shooting rampage. he was trying to kill his wife because they were getting a divorce or divorced I can't remember for sure at this moment.The wife was not hurt. he killed two of her co-workers, her lawyer and a police officer. As of right now he is still alive but not doing so well. 
It's a shame when someone does something like this. Innocent people loosing their life because their world is not the way they want it to be. 

There was one other bad thing that just happened this week. The son of a couple I work with was killed in a car accident. The funeral will be today I guess.he was 18 years old.He didn't have his belt on and was thrown from the vehicle. He had a girl with him, she had her seat belt on and just has a broken leg. 
So work was a little on the somber side for some.Or at least the energy at work for me felt that way.

Well that's about all I have to say today.Or at least all that I can remember I wanted to say.
I really have to start keeping a notebook by my side and make notes during the month so I can really write more about the happening of the past month.
Oh well, maybe soon.
So till next time.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 2017

It's almost hard to believe that two months have gone by. I don't know if it feels like time is going faster because I'm getting older or it things are just happening that much faster.
The last month for me personally was just the same old same old.
But I did learn a classmate of mine passed away.
We were never friends. In fact, he was one of the first ones that made my school days very miserable.
Looking back on way things turned out the way they did, I kind of wish things had been different between us. He had always been on my mind when he shouldn't have been. I think that if things had been different we could have been friends and the future would have been different for both of us. But dumb me missed a last chance to see him at our last class reunion back in 2015. Now I will forever live with that regret.
If I could send  him a message now I would say:
Peter Keuer:
To the boy I knew, 
and to the man I wish I had known,
you will forever be in my heart.

Anyway, this has made me more determined to stop putting off things or dreaming of things. I plan to start a great adventure soon.
It's still in the planning stage. I've been gathering information and things I will need to do it.
What is my great plan?
I'm going to start hiking the Ice Age Trail through Wisconsin.
It's a trail that is over 1200 miles long.
I plan on doing it my way.
Because I work during the week, I can only right now plan day hikes on the weekends, weather permitting of course.
I want to start around May. Hopefully there will not be any snow on the ground. 
I will start at a point closest to where I live and then work my way west. Once I get to the west side of the state I will come back to where I started and work my way east till I reach the east end. It will take me years to do this but I plan on recording my adventure and maybe sharing it with you from time to time.
Right now I'm looking for friends who will be willing to hike with me from time to time if the husband can't. He does not want me hiking alone.

I did manage to get one more project done. Well actually it's two:

  A couple of baskets that would be perfect for Easter sometime.

I have to get myself in gear and start the next one. So I may have one done by next time or not.

As for the swing, here is one I from today;
It was snowing when I took this. i think we may have gotten a few inches.
About a week ago there was no snow on the ground.i think Mother nature wanted to give all four seasons in one week.
Here is a picture of the swing back in 2014:
Now that was a year where winter didn't want to let go.

Now I suppose I better do a little pondering.
Well, I don't know what I can say about things that are going on in the rest of the world.
President Dweeb, is just behaving like all so called reality stars. Nothing ever makes sense that comes out of his mouth. All I hear is, "Look at me! I'm in your face anytime I want to be!"
He is just a big business man trying to make changes like all big business people do. It's all about their bottom line.
I've seen the changes that has happened where I work. It has grown a lot over the 37 years I've been there. I've had to put up with a lot of changes. Trying to get the most product out in the least amount of time with the least amount of people to do it. Believe me there is a lot more reworking of things because they are always trying to push things faster then it should be done. But it's not just there, it's all big businesses. Look at all the big recalls you hear about all the time. As long as they are always trying to use so much more automation, things everywhere will continue to decline in quality.
As for all those people that are protesting, it's time to stop and get a helpful job or go back to your real job. And if that is your real job I hope it has good benefits.

Well I can think of a lot more to say but I things to do.
I'll try to maybe write more next time.
So till next time,
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Feb. 2017

Well it's the beginning of another month. January just flew by.
Let see what can I tell you about the last month.
My daughter and her husband announced what they are having in a kind of explosive way in my backyard. The woods is now pink. I will have a granddaughter come June sometime.
Before I go any farther I will show you the swing:

We have a far amount of snow right now.There was more but there was that warm spell that closed the snowmobile trail for awhile. I think that some might be opening again this weekend in some places. But I really don't care because I don't snowmobile. 
If you are looking for the pink, the recent snow covered it up, so sorry.
I don't know if you can see the stump in the back. There's not much left of it after the announcement.

The rest of the month was not real exciting for me. Well nothing that is worth mentioning anyway.
I have been working on a project. It's half done. I haven't been in the mood lately, sorry.

I suppose better do a little pondering about things that happened in other places.

President Dweeb, is doing what I thought he would.
I was wondering how many executive orders can a president do before he is forced to stop doing it?
The people who are protesting, well, I don't know if it will do any good.
It's still just entertainment for the 1%. 
And most of them are really driven by some big corporation.
It's always hard for me to believe that all those people can keep doing that kind of thing everyday. Don't they have jobs or is someone else really paying them to do it.
I kind of liked the women's march. because I too fear that women's issues will suffer the most if he is left unchecked. I believe that government does not belong in a women's body. By restricting one thing you could end up restricting other things.
To me it's just one more thing telling me, "We do not live a free country". There is no such thing as a free country any where.
I wish I could live in a country where common sense is the way of the land.
And also respect.
And equality.
But these things are never a high priority in any government.
The average person is there only to serve others in one way or another.
It's a game to them on how they make people, they see as less then them, do things that are demeaning. Just to see how far they can push someone. Then cry victim when it blows up in their face.   

That's all I'm going to say about that.
I want to tell you about something I am starting to plan to do.
I want to hike the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin.
It's over 1,000 mile long in all.
No I do not plan on doing it all at once. For one I still have to work a full time job.
I plan on doing it on the weekends. As a day trip.
I know it will take me years to it. I also have to factor in weather and other things that will be going on in my life.
I know when do I want to start?
I'm thinking May. But that depends on Mother Nature. It could be earlier.
My starting point will be be Tm's Hill. That is the highest point in Wisconsin.
I plan on going west from there.
I'm hoping to do at least Taylor County this year.
Once I get the west side done I will come back to Tim's hill and then go East. Eventually ending in Door County.
The trail in places goes through some towns. Right now I don't see myself going through them. But I could change my mind.
I still have a lot of planning to do.
I might keep you post from time to time on how it's going.

Well that's about all I have to say today.
So remember, keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January 2017

We can finally say goodbye to 2016.
This has been a year that I think most are glad to see end.
So many almost unbelievable things happened.
I don't think I have to list them, do I?

I know I had a down feeling at the beginning of it and I guess I was right.
2017 for me I think will hold many good things.
First I will become a grandma in June for the first time. Maybe that's why I feel it will be a good year. 
Or maybe something else also will happen that will help me stay in high spirits.
What it will be is any ones guess.

As for what could happen in other things, well it will be a very eye opening year for many others.
Things and people are never what they look like from a distance.
Sometimes they are worse.
Sometimes not so bad.

I'm hoping common sense will be back in style.
Lies, fake news, and half truths will not be focused on so much.
To sensationalize someone else's pain to bring attention to you, is the quickest way to attract bad karma, in my book.

I know it is an uphill battle to stop people from bullying. 
It has only gotten worse because of who is coming into office this month.
I do not like to use his name. So if you read my last post you know I will refer to him as DWEEB Boy.
My definition is: Dim witted endlessly egotistical bastard.D.W.E.E.B. for short.
I think it fits.If he does not like the name then all he has to do is prove to me he is not and I will use his proper name.
I know some people will think this is a form of bullying. Maybe it is. But knowing what I've seen in him, he would call me worse. Or give me that look that drives me nuts and talk down to me.

Some of the things I want to see happen this year in other places are:
For people to stop trying to put so much unnecessary road blocks up between each other.

Treat each person as an individual. Not to judge them for what the look like or how the pray or who they pray to or where they are from. TO HARM NONE! Plain and simple.

Find better ways to understand one another. Respect one another.
My saying:
To get respect, you must give respect.
But first you must have self respect.
Once you have self respect, you have self control.
Respect yourself and better things will come your way.

I know I should show you the swing. But right now while I'm typing this, it is still dark outside.maybe if I wait a few minutes I just might get the sunrise as a back drop.
I'm an early bird what can I say.
I did go to bed around 10 o'clock last night but I did celebrate the new year every hour from 6 pm till 10 with the ringing of my gong. I was awake before 5 am. 
So while I wait, here are pictures of the swing from the past couple of years, compare:

   Here is the swing today:

The amount of snow looks to be similar to last year for the snow cover.

I did get one project done:
 It's a sewing case and needle case.
This I am keeping. It works fine for my sewing needs.
I haven't started the next one yet.

Well before I go I just want to say I hope that 2017 sees common sense come back in style with vengeance.

Till next time.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.   

Friday, December 2, 2016

December 2016

Well, here we are the last month of this year. Where did the year go? 
Last month was a very interesting one for our future. 
But before I start pondering a few things I want to share the picture I just took of the swing.

For being the beginning of Dec. there is no snow on the ground. It's kind of sad. I'm use to seeing the white stuff on the ground. The grass is still green. None of the water is frozen either.We did have a little snow on the ground for the gun hunting season. But it's gone again. The husband did get two deer, a six point buck, which we donated and a doe which he gave to one of his brothers. We have enough meat in the freezer from the buck he got at the beginning of bow season.
Here are two pictures of what the swing looked like for the last two years:
Less snow each year.
Is this global warming or just a thing the planet is going through?
Or like I say, the weather is a month behind itself.
The planet is always changing itself all by itself.
I do know the weather is nothing like I remember growing up.
One year, my older sister and I on Thanksgiving, skated around a lake that our Grandparents lived on at the time. Granted we stayed very close the shore. If we hear a crack of any kind we went closer to the shore. 
This year, you would have had to have a boat.
Oh well, for all we know, next year we will be buried in snow. Or not.

I promised to show you a couple of project I did.

 The first one is a bank. The picture is the first picture of my first grandchild. I'm going to be a grandma in June!!!!
These are leaves. They were suppose to be put on a basket but I decided to put them in the front window for fall. 
I'm working very slowly on the next project. As soon as I get it done I'll show it to you.

Now I suppose I better do a little pondering.
How do I start this......
The end result of the election.
Not what I thought would happen.
I'm no fan of the president elect.
I try not to say his name to often So to avoid saying his name I'm calling him Dweeb Boy.
Now, when I say dweeb I have a whole different other meaning.
D.W.E.E.B. stands for Dim Witted Endlessly Egotistical Bastard. Or Bitch whichever you prefer.
I do not see good things happening.
He got the wrong people believing the wrong things.
That he was going to make changes that are going to put this country in a different direction. 
The changes they think he will do, will be very devastating for a lot of innocent people. People who are just trying to live a quiet kind of life. Make an honest living. Live the American dream.
But more people are going to judge others because of how the look and or how the worship.
Fear of everyone will be norm for all.
He is a big businessman first, remember that. 
It will be the biggest profit for his family and other very rich people. 
The average worker, like myself, will pay the biggest price in the long run.
Now, I'm giving him six months to change my mind. So far he is not doing a very good job of it.

Well I suppose that's about all I have to say today.
I will try to maybe pop in again soon. Maybe before the holidays are totally over. Or if Dweeb Boy does something really stupid. Or if someone else does something really stupid. 
That's a lot of possibilities.
So till next time. 
Keep on Pondering the Pondering Possibilities.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Just Breath

I have to keep telling myself to just breath you will survive.
This was an election that has to have been the worst I've ever seen so far.
But I guess people just have to learn the hard way about everything.
I know politics is the hardest to understand in the best of times. But this one broke all records in my book.
I wonder if people realize that with a Republican president and congress, there is a high chance that the wrong things will become a reality that will take their breath away.
Plus this person will be choosing at least one supreme court justice.
What kind of new unfair justice will they stand behind?
Will women lose more in the long run?
Will non-white people suffer even more?
How will dealing with other counties be handled?
Will when a woman reaches a certain age where they are no long attractive, have to start wearing a total cover up and stay only in the kitchen? Only arm candy will be permitted to be seen in public with men.

So many pondering thoughts.
As you can tell I am not happy with the end results. But it's done.
I will give this person 6 months to prove me wrong in my thoughts and conclusions. 
It's only fair, right?
Then and only then will I say his name or even call him president.

In the mean time, my life goes on as usual, I hope.
Just remember to keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 1, 2016

I'm not sure how long this post will be because I'm kind of tired and a little unfocused. 
This month seamed to just fly by.
But when I think about it I really didn't get a whole lot done.
I still have to take pictures of the projects I got done. I will get it taken. I might even post again this month just to prove I got something done lately.
Yesterday was Halloween. I did take the day off from work. I was just planning to have a casual kind of day. You know some housework and maybe some baking of some kind.
Didn't happen.
The husband also took the day off and thought it would be a good idea to get in the car and just bum around for the day. So that's what we did.
We headed a little south west of here. We stop in a town called Hatfield. never been there before. The attraction for the husband was a couple of months ago it flooded around that area. He wanted to see the dam. 
The water is of course no longer high. But we still walked around the dam area. 
The town is a small town normally except for the summer. I did see a sign that said the normal population is usually around 500. But during the summer it can jump over 5,000. Thee is a lake with a number of different cabins, houses and camp sites that are rented out. it is a very nice area. 
I told someone at work about being there and he said there should be an Indian museum there. So I guess I'll have to go down there again some time to see if it is still there and check it out.
This is a picture I took from under the bridge.
After that I had noticed a sign telling about a hiking trail. I suggested we check it out to see what we could see. The trail is called"Levis/Trow Mound.
It has about 34 miles of hiking trails. Some of trails are also used for Cross-Country skiing and and also mountain biking and snow shoeing too.
There are a number of hills that can be climbed. We climbed up one and the viewer from it is worth going back again sometime. Hopefully on a much warmer and sunnier day.
 If only it was a sunnier day this would have been a better view.
This is the rock we stood on to get the good view. This was a little kind of cave that has signs that something spent a lot of time in it. The husband said it was poop from a raccoon.

After this we went to a place called Rock Dam.
I think the husband has a thing for dams.
Here is what this dam looked like.

It has a curve to it. below the dam the rocks are made of slate, It cool the way they look. To me the look kind of like petrified wood. It will be another place to go to on a warmer kind of day. There are a number of places to camp here also.
The last place we stopped was by Thorp. It is a working farm. They make Gouda cheese. They have around 100 awards for their Gouda.
This is what greets you outside of the restaurant and gift shop.The burgers are very filling. They do have tours of their cheese making operation and milking.
That was my day. 

Now a suppose I should ponder something. 
But right now I'm not in the mood to ponder anything.
It is a week before the election. 
I still say, that it does not matter who gets in, we are all screwed.
This is the worse election period to date.
Bulling rules the world!
Is this the way of the world from here on out? 
I see no end to the kind of behavior that I see every time I watch, listen or read any news.Do you?

Well like I said not in the mood. Maybe later in the month I'll have something to say.
Till then.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.