Thursday, March 1, 2018

March 2018

Well, that was an interesting month.
Most of the month I was kind of battling with a cold. It is finally letting me go from it's grasp of coughing and sniffling and blowing the nose. I hope this next month will be a healthier one.
I hope everyone else is not having to deal with this cold or even flu.
February for me was an uneventful one in other areas of my life. It can be good but then it can be very boring. 
Work is a little busier then I like. There are hints that it is only going to be busier. I'm not looking forward to over time. I would say where I work but I won't. I will say it is a cheesy one. There is one customer that is wanting a lot from us and our company has, in my opinion, has over committed us for the workers we have. They try to hire more people through temp agencies but most of them never stick around very long. 
I just hope someone in charge soon really sees the problem and solves it so the workers have more to their lives then work and very little family life. It's also harder to keep people healthy because so many more demands from work. In other words, people getting sicker more easily. Which means more medical bills. Which makes the health people busier and richer and us workers poorer.
Just the thought of what lies ahead makes me want to start hiking as soon as possible. But I will not be starting till the snow is gone around here. The ground is still very covered. I walk out to feed my turkeys and the snow is still, in places, over my knees. But right now it is getting warmer and the snow is melting, for now.I just hope it doesn't make a return showing, so to speak.
What the heck, here is a picture I took of the swing yesterday.

I don't think I'm going to be able to hike as often as I did last year. With the husbands work messing with his hours and the possibility that I could have to work more Saturdays. My hiking days will be few and far between. Plus the husbands foot is still trying to heal. Or then there will be bad weather days. Nothing is set in stone. I just have to believe it will all turn out better then I imagine right now.
Because I was not feeling well most of the month, I didn't work on any projects, sorry. Maybe I'll get my act together this month.

As for other things going on in the world I could ponder, where do I start....
The gun debate.
Where do I stand?
Well, I'm not a gun person but the husband does have a number of them. Hunting mostly. And a handgun that he takes along with us when we are hiking in the woods. You never know what kind of animal you could walk up on when you are in the middle of the woods. His idea not mine. But I'm not totally against it.
The hunting guns are used for providing food for our family.
He does not have a gun like the one that is used in the shootings of innocent people. Those kind of guns are guns of war.
Our constitutional right to bare arms I think was meant to say you have the right to protect your property or self. It does not say you can go out and shoot innocent people because you feel like it.
Maybe we stop promoting guns in video games, movies and TV shows. It might help. But I know it won't.
Freedom of speech.
This is something that will be an issue for ever and ever.

I'm not going to get in to the revolving door that seams to be in the White House. Your Hired! No wait, Your Fired!

Well, I'm going to stop for now.
I really have to start taking notes during the day so that I can put together something more interesting for the next post.
I still think that once I'm done posting on Dear Howard, I will feel like post more here.
Till next time.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 2018

How was your first month of 2018?
Mine, had it's moments.
Lets see if I can remember.
Well, lets start by showing you some of the projects I've finished.

There was one more that looked like a gingerbread house but I gave to someone for Christmas.
These things took a while to do. The last two things I did do in January.
So I've been a little busy.
As for the rest of things going on well, the husband is still dealing with a broken foot that is not healing like it should because he does not sit still very well.
It might get to the point very soon that he will end up with a cast on his foot. I'll try to keep you posted if I remember.
The weather is typical Wisconsin weather.
Right now, cold. below zero with wind chills maybe 20 below.
There is snow. I'm not going to take a picture of the swing anymore. It doesn't pay.
Last week or so I've been dealing with a cold. The cough is still lingering a little bit but it is getting better.
Starting tonight our Community Theater group will be putting on the production of "Escanaba in Da Moonlight". looking forward to it. If your a hunter it is something that you will very much enjoy.
So that has kind of been my month.

But the rest of the world, what a mess.
The family with 13 children that they kept prisoners is about as sick as sick can be. The older one will more then likely never be able to live a truly good life because of the conditioning they had to endure.
I hope those parents never have contact of any kind with any of the kids. Because if they do it will just put them right back in to bad places. 
As much as I'd like to hear their stories I know it would for the best that it be they stayed out of the public eye for at least a year or longer.
I just wonder how many more of these kind of situations are still yet undiscovered. 

The movements for women. 
It is about time that men were held responsible for their caveman attitudes.
But it will take a lot more then those movements to really change things.
Men have been like this for thousands of years and it will take even longer to change attitudes.
It starts at home.
But women have to be careful about how they go about getting the ball rolling.
I wish I could give the right answer but there is no one solution.
Just don't be overly aggressive in getting your point across or it will blow up in your face.
Just teach the next generation to be more fair. To use common sense. To respect each other. 

As for the political people. 
President Dweeb. I still think  will leave the White House a whole lot sooner then he thinks. Either in hand cuffs, straight jacket or even a body bag. I know that sounds very morbid. Mother nature just might decide on that one.
I think I heard him say that he wanted to shake up the political scene in a very over powering way. 
His plan is only making everyone else's lives more in danger then he could ever dream. 
As for his wife. She don't like him at all either. Never has. If she could divorce him right now, I think she would. I'd tell her to go for it.

I wanted to write more but I've got to get going.
One of these times I will start writing things down as they happen and then post them at the the beginning of the next month or sooner.
So, I'll just say, Keep on Pondering the pondering possibilities.

Monday, January 1, 2018

January 2018

It's hard to believe that another year has gone by. 
Image result for goodbye 2017
It was definitely one for the record books. 
But I guess you can say that about every year. But this one made my head spin.
All the bad politics. 
President Dweeb is quickly breaking down the core of America.
All he has done is insult everyone that has a real brain.
The difference between him and other political people is, they are always being bought by others( Not to say that is a good thing). While he is doing the buying. And if he can't buy you, he calls you names and demonizes you. 
In my eyes, he is still the spoiled brat that had never heard NO while he was growing up. He didn't listen to others then and he will not listen to anyone now. He is the number one BULLY in my book.
He is close minded and will never change.
He is the main thing left over from 2017 that will make 2018 feel so much worse then we can imagine.

The weather was another thing that made it a stand out year. 
Like my daughter says, Mother Nature is by-polar.
So many natural disasters. So many peoples lives thrown into messes that they are still recovering from and will be for a long time to come.

The movement "ME TOO"! 
It's about time some of those very arrogant men are put in their place. 
No one has the right to intimate another person by the ways of sex. Using it as power to hold another person down while feeling you are more powerful then them because of the fear you instilled in them. 
You have got to know that eventually that kind of negative energy will eventually come back and bite them in the butt. Unfortunately it never happens as soon as the victim needs it to happen.
I do support the movement. I just hope it does not get over used in the wrong way that it makes a bigger mess of things. Your asking what do I mean. There is a difference between out and out harassment and little comments. I just hope people can know the difference between a dangerous person and one that is just being stupid for stupids sake.
I will say if I  feel like someone is going to do me that kind of harm I will just ask them if they want a sore face or if they would like to sing in a higher range. I hope you get the picture.

All those people that hurt so many innocent people because they felt like they had to strike out for twisted reasons. There were just too many for anyone to understand. Most of them are no longer here to deal with what they did.Which is sad and a relief at the same time. Let's just hope this next year has fewer of these events. It would be nice if there were no more, but that is asking a lot.

     Image result for Hello 2018

Now for the new year.
There are so many things I look forward to this year.
I want to continue to hike the Ice Age Trail. But this will be harder. For the fact the husband got a broken foot. He was hurt at work and the doctor told him it was not broken. We should have been more insistent on getting it looked at by another but we didn't. 
This year I will try and let my inner bitch out, so this kind of thing doesn't happen again.
I still plan on hiking as much as possible. Weather permitting of course.

I look forward to spending time with my granddaughter.

I will be a more positive person.
I have done a few projects. I just haven't taken pictures of them yet. Maybe in another post I'll catch you up on them.
There is snow on the ground. The temps have been below zero. I just hope this will not be one of those winters where the temps are below zero more then above. But it does explain why me turkey, this last fall molted so bad she looked like a cross between a turkey and a porcupine when her feathers started coming back in. I wish I had taken a picture of her when she looked like that. 

Image result for cheers to 2018

So lets raise a glass to a New Year. Hoping for the best of all.

So till next time.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

December 2017

I know I'm a day late. What can I say it's kind of distracting around here right now.
This month has been not what I wanted.
The husband is dealing with a broken foot that happened at work. The doctors are not being very helpful. The doc he was seeing said it was just a contusion. Wrong! He went it the other day again and was told it is fractured. Now he has a boot on and they said they are going to get on top of it. They were suppose to call yesterday and start setting something up. No call. I'm thinking it time I release my inner bitch and give them all a piece of my mind in a way they won't see coming. 
This is seriously going to damage my plans to continue hiking the Ice Age Trail. I know I sound selfish. But the husband is also finding it very hard it get a lot of other things done around here. It is making it harder for him to care for the cattle with ease. Now it is a struggle to get around. Cutting firewood is not easy. And I'm sure he is having a very hard time at work. He is kind of the boss, but your looking at a man who sees that something needs to be done and does it himself. This makes him very grumpy. Making him hard to be around.
With having to use crutches to get around it didn't stop him from going hunting during the gun season. He did get an eight point buck on the second day. I was going to take a picture of it but he didn't ask so I didn't. He took it to be processed the next day because it has been very warm here and it was not safe to let it hang. So we will have more meat for the freezer. 
I was going to take a picture of the swing, but I didn't. We have no snow at all on the ground. The temps around here have been in the 40's most days. It does not seam like it should be December. I just hope we have some snow for Christmas or it won't feel like Christmas to me. 
But here is a picture of the swing form last year. Let's just say it's a repeat.

I always enjoy waking up on Christmas morning, looking out at freshly fallen snow. It is one of the things for me that makes the day feel very special.
It is suppose to be getting colder this next week. The question is, Will it stay that way or not? This could be the first year with no snow on the ground. Or is it possible that the weather is a month behind itself? I'll have to get back to you next month on that one.

Another thing that is distracting right now is my car. It starting shaking about a week ago. I took it in the other day to try and find out if it was a bad tire or out of alignment. Bad tie rods.So we will be taking it in on Tuesday to get that fixed.
On Monday it will be our 35th Wedding Anniversary. So far no real plans to do anything to special. We sometimes go shopping but with his foot the way it is I don't see that happening. 

As for a project. It is kind of done but, it has to be put to together yet. I'll see if I can give you a picture of it next time.

Well, those are the main things that are were distracting me right now. I suppose I could ponder other worldly things.

How about the way things are being run?
How are we allowing thing to continue to be so messed up?
It's like the country is being run by a bunch of spoiled middle school children. They only are looking out for themselves.I think it just might be time to press the reset button.

      Image result for reset button
Wouldn't it be great if we could?
Maybe we could have a kind of government that really run by all people and not just the rich.
I look at this two major party system. Which when you think about it, is one step away from a one party rule. Which is just another way of forcing people to only be one way and usually it is not good for anyone to be so limited. Think of North Korea. If we are not careful that could be us one day.
I think about my class from school. In my class, the way I saw it, there were two groups of popular kids that thought they were the top dogs. It was kind of funny to watch them try to out do each other from time to time. They were the ones that held the office roles in the class. They made choices that were really only in their friends interest not others. But that is the way it is in most classes. It just spills over into adulthood. And we let it.
This country needs more choices that are not run by the entitled. 
We need more common sense rules.

The other issue in the news are all the women rising up against so many men that are in power. It's is about time that some of these men are brought down.They should never have been given that much power over anyone. But a lot men  always try to belittle women. Make them feel superior over what they feel is someone weaker then them. It is a good thing there is more attention to this issue but, it has always been a battle between men and women and always will be. 
If it wasn't for so many having sex on the brain all the time things could get done right. 
I do wonder what things would be like if more women were in charge. Maybe the men should step aside for a few hundred years and see what happens. If it doesn't work then they can rule again.

Well that's all I have to share with you today. 
I am still trying to find a way to write more often. Maybe in the next year I will get it figures out.
Till then.
Keep on pondering the pondering possibilities. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

November 2017

I know, you are wondering why I'm late with this post. The best excuse I can give you, it's all the husband's fault.
Over a week ago he was hurt at work. He runs a loading dock. He got his right foot kind of smashed between to heavy carts. He thought be broke his leg when he called me from the emergency room. They told him he is a contusion. But he still can't walk on it. So since he can't get around very well I have to pick up the slack and help out with more things. Plus trying to pick up after him is a challenge enough too.
He tries to do somethings but it's kind of hard and makes him very frustrated when he has to get my help. But it has not stopped him from going bow hunting. Too many nice bucks showing up on the trail camera. He did get one.
 I guess it's a seven pointer. Notice the crutches in the background.
Nice big body. So we will have some good meat for the freezer.
There was one other thing that showed up on the camera that can not be shot.
An albino buck. 
I hope he can hang around and get his picture taken from time to time. But the husband says that he more then likely gets pushed around by the other deer an will not be seen much or ever again on the camera. I hope he is wrong.

Since I didn't post on the first I still think I owe you a picture of the back yard. I took it on Saturday morning.
Most of it is gone already. It's suppose to be on the rainy side today. But that's November in Wisconsin. You never know when the snow will start and stay. But I do know that this winter will be a lot different then last year. At least according to the way my turkey molted. For awhile she looked like a cross between a turkey and a porcupine she molted so much. She is all feathered out again so she is ready for what ever Mother Nature has in store for her.

As for a project. Not done yet. I still have to put it together yet. Maybe next time I'll have a picture for you.

I suppose it's time to do some pondering.

The world is a mess.
People are crazy.
Killing people they don't even know for reasons that will never help anyone.
Using the excuse it's for their God.
News flash, the one God is the same for all. Just different names for the same energy. At least that's the way I see it.
Unless we were all created by different aliens that gave certain groups different skin tones or hair color or something like that to tell the different groups apart. So they would know which group they came from when ever they come back to check on us. 
Boy if they have not been around lately, they are in for a big surprise.
But then again maybe they have something to do with the stupidity that seems to be running wild.
Maybe they are getting tired of the things we are doing and have set in motion the events that will lead us to a kind of reset. 
All great civilizations and empires come to end eventually.
Look at the Roman empire. It got to big and eventually crumbled.
The  Mayan empire. 
All the unexplained ancient things that are next to impossible to explain who the people were and how they really lived. It's all a guessing game.   

I know that there is something really big in the works that will change things that most people are not prepared for. It will be a combination of man made things and nature made things. 
I would like to say, is get your head out of your phone, get off social media and pay attention to the signs around you and do something to educate yourself , your family and others. Pay attention to the real world around you and you will be just fine. 
Use your common sense that I know you have. 
Respect one another.
Some people have got to stop calling other names. This is a message to President Dweeb. Stop playing games with everyone's lives. The failure of this country will be your legacy. Count on it.
I know it's harsh. But maybe it's time to think twice about what it really motivating him to say the things he is the way he is. Maybe it's something bigger then he even understands.

Well, I know I could write more but it's time to start a very long day with helping the husband do somethings plus my usual everyday boring humdrum things. Just glad I have an extra hour to get something done today.

So remember, keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.   

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Oct 2017

Well, September is gone. This year is just fling by. 
It had it's up and downs but mostly uneventful. 
One sad thing that happened was our dog , Fawn passed away.
She will be greatly missed.
As for animals in the house I still have a cat, Minnie. But I'm not sure how long she has. She is almost 16 years old. I thought she would have gone before the dog. But once she is gone, for the first time in my whole life I will not have some kind of animal in the house. But for now Minnie is enjoying me all to herself without a dog chasing her away from me.
 I still animals outside. Plus all the wild life that likes to show up in the yard. 

Well believe it or not I have finished a project:
I know it's not Easter. But it was the next pattern in the book. The next one will be one that will fit in for  Thanksgiving. I should get it done.

As for the rest of the month, not a lot of outstanding things happened.
I keep trying to get myself to make little notes as a reminder of things that happened. So when I wanted to write about it, I could.
Yesterday I was able to get the books I needed to help inform me more about hiking the Ice Age Trail. They are a guild book and Atlas. I have a few months to get my planing started.

Well I suppose it's time to do some pondering.

Lets start with Mother Nature.
Three major hurricanes in a very short time. I live where you don't have to deal with them directly. They can mess up our weather here in a back handed kind of way. They can either hold up a system here or our systems can help finally move that one away from land and out to sea. While the hurricanes were happening we were finally having summer like weather and the husband was able to get some hay made. It's been a very wet year here.
Lets see what else... I guess most everything, including the hurricanes, involve President Dweeb.
Dealing with three major hurricanes, North Korea, trying to mess up health care even more, and dividing the country as much as possible. You would think his plate would be full enough. But NOOO! He has to drag sports people into things even more.
He says he wants to lower taxes for everyone But what I see is our taxes going up already. But not his. The way he wants to set it up will let HIM save ONE BILLION on taxes. Now who are you helping Dweeb? 
I really think it's time he stop being the all important reality star and get down to business. But that will be  hard too since the people around him never hang around very long. To be any of his heads of any department is like being in a revolving door. You go in but come out heading to legal problems within a matter of weeks. I can't remember any other administration that has had such a high turn over in members in such a short time. It will get to the point that people will say they don't want to belong to a club that he is the head of. Soon the man will be standing alone. 
I keep saying I will stop watching the news. But I guess it's like watching a train wreck. You know you should look away but you can't. I guess I keep hoping that soon someone will took him away in handcuffs for betraying the American people in every way possible. For dividing us. Maybe he's trying to tell us we are his slaves. We mean nothing. 
Or maybe it's time for the change to happen that always happens to all great empires. Change is coming in ways no one wants. It could become the time for every man, woman and child for themselves. 
But if communities can come together as one they will be able to stand strong.
Maybe it's time we stop giving giving power just one person and instead have a council. But this will be hard considering how divided we have become. Trust and common sense is all most gone. 
So here is my challenge to everyone.
Ponder how things could change if only....
Learn from the past and stop trying to bury it. The more you try to say it didn't happen like that, the higher the chance is you will repeat it. 

Well that's all I have to say today.
I hope you all have a better month.
Don't forget to keep on pondering the pondering possibilities. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

September 2017

If anyone does follow this blog, I know I'm late with the monthly post. Sorry. To tell you the truth, I forgot about it on the first until I was almost ready to go to bed. 
I guess I really don't have a good  excuse.
But I'm here now. So lets see, what can I talk about this last month.
I saw the solar eclipse on the 21st. It was only about maybe 80% visible here. I did have a pair of the glasses so I could see it that way.  I took the day off from work so I would not miss it. It was a very calm day. 
Here's a little story about what happened before that.
The husband and I had gone to town to get a few things. When we got back there was a mommy deer in the yard and her baby. The baby was nursing. That is the first time I have seen that happen. I wish I had a camera with me. I know your saying, "Well you have a cell phone, don't you?" All I can say, is it's a flip phone and by the time I would have dug it out of my purse, the baby would not have been nursing anymore.

We did get some more hiking in. Here are a few pictures:

 We noticed this web and the way the sun was shinning on it. I could not resist taking a picture of it.
 This is the first hiker registration box we found. I did sign it and wrote a little message. If you want to know what I wrote, I challenge you to find it .This spot over looked the Yellow River. That's the only clue I'm giving you.
 One of the many lakes we come across while hiking.
 This is me. Taking a break from hiking. I'm wearing a reflective vest because the bear hunters are training their dogs. I also wear a bell on my pack to let some animals know there is a human in the area. 
As of right now we might have one or two more hikes to go. It all depends on how far we want to hike next. Then we will be done for the year. The husband wants to get ready for hunting season.Plus there will be more hunters out in the woods.
I hope to start up again in the early spring over by Cornell.That is the next segment of the Ice Age trail.
In the mean time I can really plan out those hikes. You know study maps and other things I will have to know before hand.
While we have been hiking we still have not run into many people.

I'm sorry to say I have not been working on any projects. I look at it everyday thinking about it but, the motivation is just not there. Maybe once we are done hiking I will be into to it again.

I suppose it's time to ponder somethings that are happening in the world.
I'll start with the weather.
Hurricane Harvey. Wow what a mess. I can't imagine getting that much rain. My heart goes out to all the people that have been affected by it.
I don wonder how many more hurricanes will affect the country this year. 
Here is a strange thought. Are hurricanes worse when there is a republican in the White House or is it just my imagination?

As for the nonsense happening in the leadership. What can I say that has not already been said. 
I still have a hard time watching any news at all when that face and name appear. It would be better for me if I just stayed in the woods for the next few years, away from any news. But then again on the path we are on no where will be safe for anyone anywhere.
The world is a mess that will be next to impossible to fix from this point on.
The Me against the world thinking is pulling everything apart in every way.
Maybe it's time to stop following the people who are bent on keeping the divisions when they don't need to be. 
Stop judging everyone as if the are all the same.
Each person deserves to be looked at as one not a group.
Stop judging one another based on someone else's words.    

Well, I know this is a short post with not much sense in it.
I keep trying to find away to motivate myself to ponder better things or record it better.
I'm hoping once I'm done posting letters on Dear Howard I will feel like writing here more.
I keeping trying to come up with a plan but something always seams to get in the way.

So that's it for today.
I hope you will come back soon.
Just keep on pondering the pondering possibilities.